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Black Magic Canyon is not safe to hike until next fall.

Friday April 19, 2024

American Falls Reservoir District #2:

Deliveries can be made in the Hunt, Dietrich, and South Gooding areas from the Milner/Gooding Canal.  The system is still in major fluctuation, so be patient and contact your ditch rider 48 hours in advance to be sure the water is available at your location.  Canals in the North and West Gooding areas are still being flushed, so only a few locations can receive water at this time.  Deliveries should be available at all locations in North and West Gooding by early next week.  Again, the system is fluctuating, so be sure to order your water 48 hours in advance.

Big Wood Canal Company:

Because we are using water from the Little Wood River, deliveries are available at this time in Dietrich from the Magic system.  The Richfield and North Shoshone systems will start filling on 4/28, and water will be available for delivery later in the day on 4/30 depending on location.  Be sure to order your water 48 hours in advance to be sure your ditch rider has your water at your location.

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 Reservoir and Snow Pack Levels

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 July 12, 2024

Magic Reservoir

Acre Feet:      152,970  (80% full)

Current Inflow (CFS)        106

Current Outflow (CFS)    900

Wood River Snow Pack 

Percent for Today :



American Falls Reservoir

Acre Feet:       1274697 (76% Full)  


Snake River Above American Falls Snow Pack 

Percent for Today:





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