Leasing Water Guidelines

   To those Big Wood Canal Company and American Falls Reservoir District No. 2 participants in leasing BWCC or AFRD#2 water.

   1. BWCC/AFRD#2 has changed their water leasing policy for 2015 and forward. Beginning January 1st and ending January 31st, Stockholders can call the Office to request the number of shares they would like to lease.

   2. At the February Board Meeting all names will be drawn and put on a list in the order they are drawn. Beginning at the top of the list, Stockholders will receive water as water become available.

   3. BWCC/AFRD#2 will accept water to lease out from January 1st to May 15th of each year.

   4. Stockholders will have 10 days to make payment to the Office for leased water, after they have been notified.

   5. BWCC/AFRD#2 does not guarantee that we will be able to lease out all requested water. Stockholders are responsible for payment of their annual assessment.

  6. Any water leased after May 15th of any year will be on a private basis. Notification must be made to the Office prior to water delivery.

  7. All leases are subject to a $30.00 lease fee.